Our Cocktail Bar


Live music, great cocktails, and community collide at Ever Bar, situated in the stylish Kimpton Everly Hotel. Whether you swing by to meet friends for wine and bites or a nightcap later on, you’re in for playful cocktails, locally sourced wines, and fresh, farmers market–driven snacks.

Meet Dan Rook, BAR MANAGER

From the Chicago 'burbs to Hollywood Boulevard: that’s Dan Rook’s journey. In high school, Rook got an early taste of the hospitality industry by bussing tables at an Irish pub. After graduating from Western Illinois University, he cut his teeth at Chicago stalwarts like South Water Kitchen, where he turned fresh, local ingredients into classic pre-Prohibition cocktails and developed a Midwest-heavy list of brews. At Ever Bar, Rook, now a nationally renowned Certified Cicerone and a former member of Zagat's "30 Under 30" list of young talent, steers a lineup of classic and reinvented cocktails—all with his signature humorous spin—plus local wines and craft beers.